Air Purification 


What do we do?

We remove the bacteria, mildew, and mold build up that are trapped in your Air Conditioner's evaporator coils


Our certified AC technicians remove the coils from your AC Handler and clean them safely outdoors away from your family

How much?



 Your AC's Coil absorbs the heat and humidity from your indoor air and the standing moisture becomes a breading ground for bacteria and mildew

Schedule a Cleaning?

Yes, the experts at The Air Up There are here to help you  by sanitizing, cleaning and reseting your AC Coils


What do we do?

We use 40,000 mg per hour of shock blasting Ozone to remove pollutants such as foul odors, viruses (including the Coronavirus), bacteria, mold spores, mildew, radon, VOCs (formaldehyde), pathogens and allergens in your air and on your surfaces.


Ozone is composed of three Oxygen Molecules (O3), the 3rd Oxygen atom detaches and attaches itself to the pollutants in the air destroying 99.9% of them on contact at the cellular level. They literally explode!

How much?



Your home's air can have germs, bacteria, viruses, chemical spores, allergens and  VOCs floating around waiting to get you sick. Don't let them.

Schedule a Sanitization?

Yes, the experts at The Air Up There are here to help you sanitize your air and surfaces.

Ozone Air Purifier

Ozone Air Sanitization

Ozone Air Sanitizer

Air Purifier

Air Purifiers


What do we do?

  We install UV-C Lights inside of your AC handler to kill existing and future germs, bacteria, mildew and mold spores 


UV-C air purifiers break chemical bonds using an ionization process that separates electrons from their atoms. Thus destroying 99.9% bacteria and mold at their DNA molecular level.

Not a fan of UV?

We can provide Healthway Compact tabletop 6 stage DFS Air purifiers for your individual rooms as well.  


UV-C purifiers disinfect and eliminate the buildup of  airborne contaminants  in your AC making you less susceptible to allergies, asthma, breathing problems, headaches, and other health problems caused by mold, mildew and airborne viruses.  

Schedule an Installation?

Yes, the experts at The Air Up There are here to help you disinfect your AC and filters.

How much?


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