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Ozone Technology

The Air Up There uses the latest ozone technology to emit 40,000 mg per hour of shock blasting Ozone to purify your air and rid your home or business of pollutants.  Ozone removes foul odors, viruses (including the Coronavirus COVID-19), bacteria, mold spores, mildew, radon, VOCs (formaldehyde, gases released from household products, furnishings and cleaners), and disease carrying and allergy causing pathogens in your air to protect your family, clients or staff's health. 

How does Ozone work? Ozone is composed of three Oxygen Molecules (O3), the 3rd Oxygen atom detaches and attaches itself to the pollutants in the air destroying them on contact at the cellular level. In your home they will attach to mold, bacteria, pathogens, viruses and other air impurities to change their molecular structure and kill their spores and cells.  

Air Filtration

UV-C Technology

The Air Up There also utilizes UV-C Light for HVAC Purifiers to kill existing germs, bacteria, mildew and mold spores originating in your Air Conditioning Unit.  By disinfecting and eliminating the buildup of biofilms and other organic contaminants on the surfaces of your AC unit and air filters.  UV-C  breaks chemical bonds using an ionization process that separates electrons from their atoms. This process destroys bacteria and mold at their DNA molecular level.

Preventing airborne contaminants with our UV Light Purifiers will make you less susceptible to allergies, asthma, breathing problems, headaches, dizziness, neurological problems and other long-term health problems caused by mold, mildew and airborne viruses.  

AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning

The Air Up There services your existing Air Conditioner by cleaning the AC Coils which removes all of your current bacteria, mildew, and mold build ups that are trapped in the coils. Chances are you moved into a preexisting home, so you are actually breathing in recirculated germs and bacteria from the previous owners as well that are trapped inside of your coils. 

Your AC Evaporator is the most important part of your air conditioning unit. They absorb the heat and humidity from your indoor air.  As the air conditioner unit cycles on and off, it gets damp, cold, and warm. Bacteria enjoys the standing moisture inside of your AC system.  Legionella bacteria and Listeria bacterium are the most common types of bacteria found in air conditioners.  Your health is too important to be compromised.  The experts at The Air Up There are here to help you become even healthier starting with sanitizing and cleaning your AC Coils.


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Water Filtration

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

The Air Up There employs Reverse Osmosis technology, the water industry's leading way, to purify your home's drinking water.  Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water treatment process that removes contaminants from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane leaving clean, delicious drinking water.  Our Reverse Osmosis Filter System is so trusted, it is the standard in most bottled water purification. 


The problem is not their processes but what the bottled water is housed in.  Plastic water bottles can leech many chemicals into your water such as dioxins, phthalates, vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, lead, cadmium and other toxic chemicals. These chemical exposures can lead to reproductive malformations, asthma, reduced fertility, developmental disorders, hormone disruption, cancer, and heart disease. Therefore, we highly recommend investing into your own in house reverse osmosis system.  Thus giving you back the control of what enters into your body so you can achieve optimal health.  Our Reverse Osmosis Filter System gives you that control and saves you money from buying bottled water every month.  


Whole House Water Conditioning Softeners

The Air Up There provides you with Whole House Water Conditioning Systems patented with ChloroShield™ Clearess® filter media or SilverShield® Protection 

filter media to not only soften your home or business' hard water but to also remove some contaminants.  Our whole house softeners remove Chlorine, Chloramines and Iron while using Nasa's Bacteriostatic Silver Ion technology to inhibit bacteria growth in the filter media. Using these technologies your home or business' water will no longer have dangerous chlorine contaminant levels and your plumbing and appliances will last longer.


Softened water has many benefits to your overall health and lifestyle.  Clothes and dishes alike come out cleaner with softened water.  Cleaning products usage will also be reduced.  If you decide to sell your home and you do not want to transfer the system,  it may increase the value of your home for the new buyer.  

Chemical Free Pool Filtration

The Air Up There provides innovative chemical free solutions for filtering your swimming pool's water.  Chlorination is the most popular method for disinfecting your swimming pool. However, although pathogens are being killed, many toxic compounds called disinfection by-products (DBPs), are formed. Numerous publications have indicated that DBPs exposure may be related to several diseases. Asthma, increased  risk of bladder cancer and lung epithelium are a few of those diseases. According to, each year, between 12 and 25 percent of swimmers had asthma. 

“It is exposure to the chlorine and chlorinated compounds that is responsible for the changes in airway hyper responsiveness,” said Dr. Don McKenzie, who studies respiratory exercise physiology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.  The more swimming you do, the more the risk increases, and elite athletes spend the most time with the chemicals, McKenzie, who was not involved in the new study, told Reuters Health by email. “If you swim in non-chlorinated pools, lakes, ocean etc. then the risk disappears,” he said.

Our shock blasting ozone combined with elemental ionization generators creates a crystal clear, bacteria and DBP free filtration alternative to traditional chlorine cleaning. Your family will no longer be exposed to dangerous chlorine byproducts and their health will be enhanced.


Kangen Water Ionizers

The Air Up There's Water- ionization systems transform regular tap water into pure, healthy, electrolytically-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water.  Ionized water has many benefits to your overall health.  It balances your body's alkaline state, it cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemicals, reduces inflammation, removes pesticides from your produce, and can be used as a facial toner.  

We take it a step further and connect this to our Reverse Osmosis Systems to ensure you are ionizing the cleanest and purest water for your needs.  Ionized drinking water is the most hydrating water as it is immediately absorbed into the small intestines. Coupled with Reverse Osmosis, it is the most delicious and health filled water you will ever taste! 


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