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Is tap water safe to drink?

The EPA allows up to 90 contaminants in your city's tap water. Which is leading many people to ask, is tap water safe to drink? Many studies are begining to link the chemical disinfectant byproducts used to treat water to the cause of an increased risk of cancer, anemia, nervous system issues, kidney disease, liver disfunction and thyroid issues. The EPA states it on their website. Add that to the other pollutants found in our indoor air such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), Formaldehyde and viruses. It's a formula for illness, fatigue and allergies. Your family deserves to have the choice to take a step towards healthy living. This is the first step to your new journey. Don't forget to couple water and air purification with healthy dietary choices, exercise, positive thinking, etc. You deserve that. You deserve to feel better. You deserve to have soft skin and hair. You deserve to alkalinize your body and fight inflammation. You deserve to extend the life of your plumbing and appliances. You desrve to save money on bottled water, chemical cleaning products and laundry additives. Take the no obligation step of schedulig a water and air test to find out if your tap water is safe to drink. Already tested your water? Call us to discuss your specific needs, recieve a free estimate and decide on your next steps to purchasing a Water Softener System, Reverse Osmosis System, Alkaline Ionizer, Alkaline Filter, UV Air Purifier, Ozone Air Sanitization, or AC Coil Cleaning. It's time to start enjoying total home protection from air and water impurities today!

Start with booking a water and air test of your tap water, bottled water and air handler. Our professional Water and Air Analysts will perform in home testing and inform you of any impurities present.

Call or text us for an estimate. If you will like to move forward, an in home test will have to be scheduled to assess your specific needs and give you accurate pricing.

If you have already received a test or are ready to start purifying your home, apply for financing and get a preapproval. We have many payment options for your convenience. No Money Down options, Interest Deffered Same-As-Cash options, Low Interest monthly payment options, Bad Credit monthly options, Cash, Check, Credit Card, Venmo or PayPal.

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