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The Water Down Here

Water Filters

Install a Reverse Osmosis filtration system under your kitchen sink. Your home's drinking water can be purified using the same process as the bottled water industry.

Puronics Micromax 7000.jpeg

Water Softeners

Install a Whole Home Water Conditioning Softener Systems to your existing outdoor pipes. All of our Water Softeners come with a 1 year service warranty and a 25 year manufacturer's no hassle warranty. Added bonus: Our sleek and modern design is sure to turn your neighbors heads!


Chemical Free Pool Filters

We install our Ozone Ionizing Pool filter on your current pool's pump system. It automatically turns on when your pool pump turns on. Effectively killing the bacteria and pathogens without chlorine and leaving your skin and hair soft and silky.

Chemical free pool filtration-2_edited.png

Start with booking a water and air test of your tap water, bottled water and air handler. Our professional Water and Air Analysts will perform in home testing and inform you of any impurities present.

Call or text us for an estimate. If you will like to move forward, an in home test will have to be scheduled to assess your specific needs and give you accurate pricing.

If you have already received a test or are ready to start purifying your home, apply for financing and get a preapproval. We have many payment options for your convenience. No Money Down options, Interest Deffered Same-As-Cash options, Low Interest monthly payment options, Bad Credit monthly options, Cash, Check, Credit Card, Venmo or PayPal.

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